A Casa Redonda Production In Co-Production With Globo Filmes, Globo News, Canal Brasil, Mão Direita, Good Company Pictures

Directed By Tali Yankelevich

Produced By Minom Pinho, Jasmin Pinho
Co-Producers Marco Del Fiol, Sidsel Lonvig Siersted
Screenplay Tali Yankelevich, Marco Korodi
Treatment Tali Yankelevich
Cinematography Gustavo Almeida
Assistant Director Rachel Vianna
Editing Marco Korodi
Original Soundtrack Andre De Cillo, Alex Buck
Sound Editing And Mix Input Arte Sonora
Sound Recording Guilherme Shinji
Graphic Design Carlos Bêla
Production Coordinator Carolina Trevisan
Post-Production Supervision Gustavo Almeida
Associate Producer Mariana Oliva
Institutional Support Supermercados Veran

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